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Everything You Need to Know About Blackjack Online

Switch on the computer, fire up the Internet and head to the web in search of the most exhilarating online casino games around. In most cases, there’s a fairly good chance that the bright, flashing lights and engaging themes of the slots, or the glamor and glory of Poker rear their head more often than not.

Though that’s not to say they’re the only games in town. Following closely behind Poker in the popularity stakes, Blackjack has carved out a solid reputation for itself as a real gamer’s game of choice, thanks in no small part to its combination of simplicity, scintillating gameplay and sky high prize jackpots.

Struggling to find out why so many people eschew other games in favor of a turn around the online Blackjack table? We asked some of the top players to share some thoughts about Blackjack and tell us everything you need to know.

Players hold the advantage

Unlike many other casino games, players holder a greater advantage than the house, and have the power to influence it as the game progresses.

For the best chances of winning, stick with games where the house advantage ranks in at no matter than between 1-3%. In most cases, it should be even less than that.

The advantage may shift several times

It's this reason that makes Blackjack a far more riveting game than many of its online casino rivals. Whilst the edge will likely remain with either the dealer or the player throughout the duration of most other games, with Blackjack, the only thing that remains consistent is change: With every card dealt, the paradigm shifts, with higher-numbered cards favouring you, the player, and smaller-numbered cards working to the advantage of the house.

It's easier to create a winning strategy

Once you're well seated around the table and the game kicks in, a firm set of rules are adhered from the moment the dealer says 'welcome,' to the second you leap for joy having won that big jackpot prize.

By staying with these rules, studying form, and by indulging in a fair amount of practice, you'll be much better placed to come up with a strategy that helps you to win your games, and certainly to do it easier than you could with other casino games.

There's more to it than getting close to 21

Whilst its a common myth that the way to win at Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without actually going over it, there's much more to it than that.

In all actuality, scoring a value as near to 21 as you can isn't really the objective of your game at all: Beating out the dealer is.

On some occasions, you may even find it useful to keep hold of a hand that could possibly go over 21, particularly if you're feeling confident that the dealer is also at risk of going bust.

Only take this approach though if you really know what you're doing. Learn how to play Blackjack properly and get a good strategy for playing your hand before you put yourself in danger. Should both you and the dealer wind up bust, you'll lose out, and let's face it, that's not what you came here to do, is it?